Generation 12


Alejandro Alvarado

Major: Computer Science and Linguistics

Born to an enchilada and a taco, Alejandro came to be known as ‘El Fuego of the south’. Born a
food bender, he quickly started dreaming about the day he would become a bottle of sriracha. In
order to figure out how to fulfill his destiny, he ventured into the pacific rim to find the Elder
Scrolls of Alacran. The ancient scrolls revealed he had to eat hella spicy things, beg strangers to
adopt him, and hit a drum really hard while thinking about hot stuff. At the time of writing, he has
accomplished the first two things. He is now in the process of doing the third. His dying wish is
to be in your kitchen to satisfy you with his spiciness.



Xitlali Guardado

Major: Business Economics

Xitlali is a first year majoring in Pre-Business Economics simply under the jurisdiction that business will never go out of business. She was always fascinated by taiko drumming and joined Yukai Daiko believing it would bring her two passions of band (as in marching, concert, drumline, indoor percussion, jazz... yea just overall geekiness) and martial arts (the hiyah kind of course) into one. She doesn't believe in having a favorite anything seeing as it changes just about every week but will always have a favoritism towards her true love: food. She is kind of crazy and loud just about all the time, has a short attention span but has a true life desire for adventure (plus shopping).



Hoi Leung

Major: Art

Hoi is a third year art major aspiring to scam people with bad art before she gets scammed by grad school. In case her art career doesn't work out, she would like to become a Cratena peregrina and/or a cuttlefish.  In her free time, she likes to watch anime, bad reality TV, and FOX sci-fi's that gets canceled within one season. She is also the proud owner of Hoi3_3, an Instagram page that somehow loses followers every time she posts something.



Lisa Nguyen

Major: Biology

Lisa is a wanderer that is interested in experiencing all that life has to offer. She tried taiko drumming on a whim, but immediately became entranced with the powerful beats of the drum and the grace of the drummers. She loves anything music, and also plays the piano and violin (hoping to learn the guitar and erhu one day). Other than English, she knows how to speak Spanish and Vietnamese, casually learning Japanese to the side. Currently, she has only travelled to Nevada, Arizona, and Vietnam. During her time at Vietnam, she rode an ostrich, ate mud chicken, travelled on a motorcycle, and did many fun things. Despite being a calm and quiet person, she loves adventure and trying new (dangerous?) things, such as sword fighting, almost getting hit by a boat, wandering around forests, petting snakes, and riding roller coasters. She can’t wait to make more wonderful and fun memories.



Michelle Ong

Major: Economics

Michelle is a baby bruin first year,studying ecobonics for some reason she doesnt even know. She wastes her time watching Kprean dramas or random shows such as Steven Universe. Her best friends are her seven older siblings, except for Valentina. She okay. With themb they do Shaolin andblion dancing togethe,whichis the how ahe got inyerested in taiko! Michlle doesnt wear her glasses often,so if you see her on campis confront her yell in her face because she cant hear what she cant see.


Jennifer Phung

Major: Psychobiology

This is Jennifer. Her name is Jennifer Manh Phung. She was born and raised in Orange County, California on June 29, 1997. Jennifer's first language was Cantonese Chinese, but she can also speak other dialects of Chinese, English, some Spanish, Vietnamese, and Gibberish-and the occasional Boba-language. In June 2014, Jennifer was named "Most Likely to Survive in England" by her tennis teammates for her British accent. She thoroughly enjoys learning many languages and is in the process of trying to improve her Mandarin, Thai and Japanese knowledge. Jennifer loves to travel and has been fortunate to have traveled to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Dominica Republic, Punta Cana, New York, Canada, Philadelphia, and Nevada. She has even ridden an elephant that had to unfortunately take a pit stop to make excretions while Jennifer and her cousin were on it. Jennifer was also very fortunate to have ridden a jet ski, gone snorkeling, banana boat riding, go to the top of the Empire State Builidng and the CN tower, pass by the Statue of Liberty, go through the Niagara Falls and go to Rockefeller Center. Musically, Jennifer is talentless with very minimal background in elementary violin and recorder with a small position in the elementary choir. She is flabbergasted to have made it past Yukai's application round, and is overjoyed because she thinks she has found a wonderful new family in the community. She is very excited to put her aggressive side to good use in learning the art that is the taiko drum.



Pei Yin Teo

Major: Mathematics

Pei Yin envisions an adventurous journey in her sea of life. But in reality, she is just floating randomly on her basic raft because the ocean is unmapped and she's still in the process of accumulating seafaring knowledge. She ties her raft onto the ship named "Yukai Daiko", to learn from the sailors how they set their compass to the bearing of "jolly and merry times".