Generation 9


Bevin Chan

Major: Psychology and Economics

Bevin is a third-year Economics and Psychology major hailing from Singapore. She is only ever seen eating or playing taiko, leading her peers to wonder if “she even goes to school here”. Her hobbies include: consistently breaking the fourth wall whilst imagining her entire lifespan to be an epic film, listening to heavy metal music, and sudoku.

Sam Suman

Major: Economics

Sam Suman, better known by his Yukai name, Suman, is a third year “I haven’t figured it out yet” major, high school graduate, artist, singer, director, and professional dog whisperer. (Well, maybe not the last few…) Suman was one of the best underground drifters in Japan before he came to the U.S. He left his life of fame and traveled to the U.S. however, when he heard that Twinkies were in danger. Sadly, he found out Twinkies had already been saved. On the brink of depression, he conveniently saw a sign posted on a wall that read “Tacos at the bruin bear on Fridays and Saturdays”. He traveled to this mysterious bear to claim his tacos. There were no tacos. Just a bunch of people and taiko drums. Today Suman plays those taiko drums, and the people he met have become his good friends.

Jalynn Zou

Major: Neuroscience

Jalynn is a third year neuroscience major hoping to survive college and make something of herself. She is thoroughly enjoying her time at UCLA so far; except when she has to go to class. In her free time, Jalynn likes to watch too much TV or when she manages to free herself from the claws of the interwebs, Jalynn spends her time engrossed in a good book. Jalynn enjoys any and all types of food, especially noodles. Noodles are good.