Generation 10


Alex Ding

Major: Computer Science

Alex is a fourth year who can never have enough sleep or spare time. Being an international student from New Zealand, he is always learning about the various aspects of life that differ between the two worlds he lives in, and perpetually struggling to speak in a consistent accent. He likes Whittaker's chocolate, buying Hand of Midas, Googling for good desktop wallpapers, and Chopin's Etude Op. 25 No. 11. Doesn’t like fragrances that are too strong, segmentation faults, iPhone's "Alarm" ringtone, and people who never take their laundry out of the machine.


Jessica Huynh

Major: Geology

Jess is from San Francisco, California – the city! She is a second year geology major whose interest in taiko back in the bay carried through to UCLA. She loves eating sushi, watching dramas, listening to music (KPOP/classical are the bomb diggity), hanging with friends, and hefting different minerals. She often stares off into the beyond and daydreams about the most random things. Believe it or not she just stared off into who knows where while typing this… cheers!