Generation 11

Yifei Han

Major: Physics and Mathematics

Yifei was once just another Vancouverite questioning the meaning of life, when a voice told him, “you must find the great masters at Yukai Daiko and learn from them the true meaning of the universe.” So he closed his Dota2 client, paused the anime he torrented, finished the chapter of manga on his phone, and rushed out the door in search of the mythical group. His family and friends never saw him again. If found please feed him Pocky, the only fuel he needs.

Angelica Pan

Major: Computer Science and Linguistics

Angelica is a second year “who know what my major will be” student at UCLA. She spends most of her time sleeping and complaining about not sleeping enough. Her most visited website is the UCLA dining hall menu, and her favorite food is cereal.

Thien Phan

Major: Civil Engineering

Thien came from Da Nang, Vietnam to Garden Grove, California with his family in 2009. He has loved the environment from a young age and wishes to give back to the Earth as much as he can in his lifetime. He enjoys music, or just sounds in general. He gets bored too easily and so constantly seeks for new things to do, in the short term and long alike. Joining Yukai Daiko was a decision he made based on the two traits previously listed. Though comfortably adjusting to his new life in the U.S., Thien is still haunted by his dark secret past, and wonders if one day, he would finally be able to outrun his demons. He sighs as he looks through the window into the city of Los Angeles. Is this where his answer lies?